NDA Accelerator member companies are part of an exclusive group of biotech organisations.

With the NDA Accelerator you get training, thought leadership material and hands-on regulatory support and professional services at small business rates delivered by the leaders in regulatory development.





Training from the leading regulatory minds

The NDA Accelerator offers small companies introductory training, on-site, or through affordable web training. The smaller you are, the more affordable the training.


Stay on top of a changing landscape

NDA Group has stayed at the fore-front of regulatory science for over twenty years. The intelligence and experience that we continue to gather and build up is now available to members of the NDA Accelerator – for free!


Just add the expertise you need

The NDA Accelerator gives access to an exclusive range of  services that we continue to expand over time. These services offer expertise and experience at affordable rates complementary to the needs of small biotechs.



Memberships for small biotechs

At the NDA Accelerator there is something for everyone, but if you are a small biotech you will find there are more perks for you than for anyone else!

Our Micro and Small memberships are loaded with access to affordable expert advice, regulatory support and training. And all these options are the results of carefully listening to the biotech community to understand how we can best help catapult the latest innovations into the hands of the physicians and patients that need them.

Our purpose

With over 20 years of serving the life science industry we at NDA know the challenges and efforts that go into taking a new medicine to the market exceptionally well.

The NDA Accelerator has been created to support small biotech companies to accelerate their drug development – we are here to help you do more with less.

We bring you the insights, training and support that you need, flexibly and affordably through our memberships.

The smaller you are, the more affordable you will find our solutions.

Let’s bring medicines to the world – together.




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