NDA Accelerator is the biotech accelerator of NDA Group – leaders in regulatory drug development.

As a member of the NDA Accelerator your company gets access to exclusive and affordable services, thought leadership and training with the unmatched quality required by a small biotech.

Our purpose

With over 20 years of serving the life science industry we at NDA know the challenges and efforts that go into taking a new medicine to the market exceptionally well.

The NDA Accelerator has been created to support small biotech companies to accelerate their drug development – we are here to help you do more with less.

We bring you the insights, training and support that you need, flexibly and affordably through our memberships.

The smaller you are, the more affordable you will find our solutions.

Let’s bring medicines to the world – together.


Memberships for small biotechs

At the NDA Accelerator there is something for everyone, but if you are a small biotech you will find there are more perks for you than for anyone else!

Our Micro and Small memberships are loaded with access to affordable expert advice, regulatory support and training. And all these options are the results of carefully listening to the biotech community to understand how we can best help catapult the latest innovations into the hands of the physicians and patients that need them.



Even if your company does not have a NDA Accelerator membership, you may benefit from our web based training courses. Once your company enrols you will experience discounts only available to members, for the same high-quality training experience.

We are currently in the process of developing multiple web based courses aimed at small biotech companies with a focus on drug development, regulatory affairs and quality management. More information will be published on the NDA Accelerator as these courses approach finalisation. Stay tuned!




The future of NDA in the Nordics

The future of NDA in the Nordics

What makes NDAs new General Manager for the Nordics, Robert Kronqvist, tick?
Accelerating Nordic Life Science

Accelerating Nordic Life Science

Over the last 20 years the Nordic life science landscape has undergone tremendous changes.
And we are live!

And we are live!

The NDA Accelerator is now officially launched to support small biotechs.
Prepare for the US

Prepare for the US

The NDA Accelerator pre-launch event saw a full house of drug development professionals.