A commentary by Johan Strömquist

“The beginning of the year is marked for me, as for many others in our industry, by frenetic networking and meetings with industry representatives from all around the world.”

Johan Strömquist, NDA Group’s CEO, recently returned from the JP Morgan week in San Francisco and shared his thoughts and tips for the week in a commentary published on Life Science Sweden’s website.

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Here we share Johan’s tips to companies planning to attend the event in the future.

Start simple and set your expectations at the right level before you leave.

  • Strive to build long term relationships with investors. JPM is not the place where you will turn up and suddenly land a big deal. Use it to get new introductions or build on existing investor relationships.
  • Plan your marketing activities. JPM is the perfect place for promotion. Do you have exciting company news to share or are you presenting at one of the many conferences? If so, announce it on your website to make sure the attention of JPM week lasts well into February.
  • Reach out to people in your network and ask for help. With over 100 networking receptions and many different conferences to take part in it is easy to get overwhelmed. Take help from someone who has been there before, knows how it works and can introduce you to people. Learn from their experience.
  • Network, Network, Network. Utilize every minute that you are there to engage and talk to people. Every minute you spend not talking to someone you can’t meet at home is a minute wasted. Dare to introduce yourself, even if it is to someone you never planned to talk to – you never know where the conversation will lead!