Bringing market awareness services to small biotechs in the Nordics

Stockholm & Lund, 2nd March 2020

The NDA Accelerator is launched by the NDA Group to support biotech companies to accelerate their drug development by offering access to affordable expert advice, regulatory support and training. Through a ground-breaking partnership with BioStock, the NDA Accelerator is now able to offer its members market leading services and capabilities to generate market awareness and investor interest.

Small companies often lack the resources and capabilities of larger companies. With the explicit focus on small and very small biotech companies, the NDA Accelerator offers the promise of large company resources at a smaller cost. Generating market awareness is important to increase investor interest, but can also be challenging for smaller companies to achieve.

BioStock, the go-to-provider for professional media content production and coverage in the Nordics, is launching a new service package to help small companies achieve market awareness of their brand, products and activities. The new service package is available exclusively to members of the NDA Accelerator.

Jonas Söderström, CEO BioStock, and Johan Strömquist, CEO NDA Group

Members of the NDA Accelerator will automatically be eligible to subscribe to BioStock’s exclusive service offering on top of their Accelerator membership. The process is as simple as filling in a contact form to get the service started.

Continuous media coverage

Once BioStock’s services have been engaged, the NDA Accelerator member will get full editorial coverage of their development activities, including written articles covering topics with direct or indirect impact on the company, significant distribution of news and articles across a variety of channels, investor meeting presentation slots and media coverage across select industry conferences, as well as an annual in-depth company analysis.

Johan Strömquist, CEO NDA Group, comments on the partnership:

BioStock’s unmatched capabilities and generous service offering will give small biotechs the communication platform they need to maintain their voice in the market in a sustainable fashion.

Jonas Söderström, CEO BioStock, comments on the partnership:

The NDA Accelerator is a great initiative to provide smaller biotech companies access to expert advice and support in their development. We at BioStock are proud to offer its members our complementing services to increase market awareness and investor interest.

Learn more

Current members of the NDA Accelerator can read more about the new service offering under the new Market Awareness page in their service section of www.ndaaccelerator.com.

Companies interested in membership can read the abbreviated description on the join page of www.ndaaccelerator.com.

To learn more about the NDA Group, please visit www.ndareg.com.

To learn more about BioStock, please visit www.biostock.se.