SmiLe Bootcamp – how to become a Life Science entrepreneur

Interview with: Isak Simonsson, Project Manager of SmiLe Bootcamp

Entering the Life Science market can be complex. As an entrepreneur or an early-stage company, you may need help to be able to develop and commercialize your innovation. SmiLe Bootcamp is an intensive virtual development program designed to accelerate early-stage HealthTech, MedTech and eHealth start-ups, making them investment-ready.

We spoke to Isak Simonsson, Project Manager of SmiLe Bootcamp to find out more.

This is an interesting concept, why are you arranging a bootcamp?

“We can see that there are many high-quality ideas in Life Science. At the same time, it is a field with unique challenges. To succeed on the global Life Science market, you need a certain understanding and that’s where we can contribute with our expertise. SmiLe Bootcamp is our way of supporting early-stage SME’s to advance their business ideas and focus on the right things from the very beginning”.

Where did this idea come from?

“This effort has been a part of our activities for several years. It was first called Health2B and is a part of our broad offer of services covering basic education for new Life Science entrepreneurs to the incubator programme and the alumni network. The idea originally comes from the fact that we have been meeting so many entrepreneurs who never had access to adequate support, perhaps because they were too early stage to join our incubator programme. SmiLe bootcamp gives us an opportunity to work with these ideas and admit the entrepreneurs access to our network and unique expertise within LifeScience. After the bootcamp, a lot of the companies proceed to our incubator programme”.

What kind of result have you seen after a completed Bootcamp?

“We notice a huge difference, already during the 10-week programme. Throughout this period of time the participants grow and become more secure as entrepreneurs, focusing on the right things. Even afterwards, when we follow up the alumni from previous Bootcamps, we can see good results; several of the participants have proceeded to our incubator programme, having developed business models adapted for Life Science and are ready to start raising capital”.    

SmiLe Bootcamp is free of charge and starts on the 13th of April and is open for application.

Submission deadline 14th of March 2021.