Nordic Life Science Events in May 2021

What is happening in the Nordic Life Science arena that could be interesting for startups to have an extra eye on? In this monthly update, we list the events and webinars in the Nordics that we think all biotechs’ in their early stages should keep track of. We hope you do too!

MVA Inspirational Webinar Series – Drive organizational growth through Regulatory Compliance and beyond!

Understanding the requirements and trends helps identify opportunities to reuse the disclosure data beyond submissions to regulatory authorities and generate significant value to the organization and patient communities. In this webinar, hosted by Informa Pharma Intelligence, experts from TrialScope will provide an overview of trial disclosure trends and discuss opportunities for patient engagement and recruitment in part based on the reuse of disclosure data.

Date: May 5th 2021

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Synapse Copenhagen Life Science Summit 2021

Copenhagen Life Science Summit is an online event that aims to bring together students, recent graduates and professionals to listen to talks and participate in discussions relevant to life science. The summit has 2 sessions on different topics within life science: Digital Health and Advanced Therapies.

Date: May 12th 2021

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European Health Tech Week 2021

European Health Tech Week is a 5-day hybrid event featuring the latest developments in health tech and innovation in 5 cities across Europe. Held by GIANT Health, this week provides a valuable opportunity to engage with important leaders in the health tech industry worldwide. The event takes place in both a physical and virtual format.

Date:  17th – 21st of May 2021

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Medicon Valley Alliance R&D Network Meeting – Focus on Research Infrastructure

A well-functioning research infrastructure is a key fundamental to support science and accelerate innovation. However, researchers and individual companies who require access to complex technologies may often lack some of the expertise to address all aspects of complex research questions. This Medicon Valley R&D Network meeting will provide examples from national, regional and private resources available for life science companies in the Medicon Valley region. They are also going to highlight the state of the art large European infrastructures and more specialized open innovation resources from Leo Pharma Open innovation. Resources provided by RISE, Bioneer, Testa center and Open Lab Skåne will be presented as well as how researchers and industry can benefit from collaborating with them.

Date:  20th of May 2021

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Stockholm Life Science Conference 2021: Reframing Life Science Post-Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for improved cross-sector collaboration to tackle the complex challenges and raised important questions about the role the Life Science sector can play in applying what we have learned. During this conference, Karolinska Institutet will reexamine the current and potential role of the industry and explore an expanded vision for Life Science that includes prevention, implementation, accountability, and “a universal preparedness for health”.

Date: 25th of May 2021

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17th Annual Anglonordic Life Science Conference

Anglonordic Life Science Conference is exclusively for European investors and R&D companies from the Nordics and the UK to connect with each other and learn about the current status of European investment in life science technologies. This year, they are extending their reach to a global audience, including the Nordic and UK Life Science Sector. With an established format of panel discussions, parallel technology and biotech investment digital rooms, plus 1:1 video meetings, this conference provides exceptional value. 

The Anglonordic Life Science Conference has a “by-invitation-only” policy. The organisers welcome a limited number of service suppliers as sponsors or exhibitors. To request an invitation click here. 

Date: 25 – 26 of May 2021

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BioStock Life Science Spring Summit

Join the first ever BioStock Life Science Spring Summit on May 26-27, featuring virtual showcases from +20 leading Nordic life science companies from a wide range of therapeutic areas. The program also includes panel discussions with industry experts, sharing their insights on investments, market trends and biotech valuation strategies.

Date: 26-27th of May 2021

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